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Emmitt Smith: Felix Jones 'needs to step up'

When Emmitt Smith speaks about running backs, people listen. When he calls out Dallas Cowboys running backs, people really listen.

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Smith said what a lot of Cowboys fans are thinking in an appearance on The Rich Eisen Podcast this week.

"We need Felix Jones to step up because we know DeMarco Murray can make it happen. We need Felix to step up a little bit -- that's a true statement," Smith said.

It's important to note that Smith prefaced the remarks by saying the Cowboys have "two very good guys" at running back. But the message was clear. Jones has enjoyed some nice moments as a pro, but he hasn't produced like a former first-round pick should. He's been a disappointment overall. Smith knows it.

The comments came as part of a fascinating Triplets-themed edition of the podcast. We'll have some comments from Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin on the demise of the Cowboys' dynasty in a later post.

(That's a tease that Rich would be proud of.)

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