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Embrace the hate: Fells says Broncos feed off negativity

On Wednesday, Patriots defensive tackle Kyle Love served as the voice for many when he proclaimed he was sick of Tebowmania.

"I can't speak for everybody, I can just speak for myself, I can say that it does (get old) for me," Love said. "It gets to the point where you get tired of hearing it. You just have to keep your TV off if you don't."

Broncos tight end Daniel Fells made it clear negative comments like Love's find their way into Denver's locker room.

"I love listening to people hate on us," Fells said Wednesday, according to "I mean, you can hate if you want to, but we're still here and we're moving forward. The more you hate, the more we feed off of it."

The Broncos snapped a three-game losing streak with their upset victory over the Steelers in the wild-card round. Many experts give the Broncos a far slimmer chance of winning in the divisional round against the Patriots.

That's just fine with Fells.

"I like being the underdog," he said, "because no one's giving you a chance and you get to prove everyone wrong -- just like we have all year."

If these boasts don't do it for you, just plug in Tom Brady for Love and Tim Tebow for Fells. Pretty awesome now, right?

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