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Elvis Dumervil unimpressed by Denver Broncos' offer?

Elvis Dumervil and the Denver Broncos broke up, then tried to get back together, but they now appear headed for a permanent divorce.

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Albert Breer explains why no one wants to pay big money to non-QBs like Darrelle Revis or Elvis Dumervil. **More ...**

On the same day we learned the Broncos will host pass rushers Dwight Freeney and John Abraham on free-agent visits, The Denver Post reported Wednesday that Dumervil was not overwhelmed by the team's long-term contract offers. Dumervil is set to start taking free-agent visits in the next 48 hours.

The Baltimore Ravens reportedly are interested in Dumervil, but we suspect an offer from the Super Bowl champions might arrive somewhere below underwhelming. (Under underwhelming.) Dumervil, 29, should receive a better deal than Freeney, 33, and Abraham, 34. But he won't get the $8 million that the Broncos were willing to pay him before last week's fax-inspired contract flap.

This is a high-stakes game of chicken. Dumervil still might have the best earning potential with the Broncos, and the Broncos would like to have Dumervil back if possible. As we saw with the Wes Welker negotiations, however, sometimes personal feelings can get in the way of doing business.

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