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Elvis Dumervil's ex-agent, Marty Magid, fined $25K

The former agent of Elvis Dumervil still is paying for the failed fax transmission heard 'round the world.

The NFL Players Association announced Tuesday that agent Marty Magid has been hit with a six-month suspension and fined $25,000 for "negligence" in the events that led to the Denver Broncos' release of Dumervil in March. The union's committee on agent regulation and discipline imposed the penalties.

A brief recap if your memory is fuzzy: The Broncos asked Dumervil to take a pay cut during the offseason. The defensive end initially balked, but eventually gave in. However, Magid failed to fax the Broncos a signed copy of the restructured contract by the team's self-imposed deadline, leading to Dumervil's release. Dumervil promptly fired Magid and later signed with the Baltimore Ravens.

It's still pretty insane this happened.

Magid has the option to appeal the ruling. The Broncos also could face discipline for their conduct, which "may have violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement and Dumervil's rights under the CBA."

The lesson, of course? Destroy all antiquated office machinery.

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