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Eli on Peyton Manning's return: 'He wants to be out there'

According to Brother Eli, Peyton Manning could be back on the field this season.

"Maybe he could be back this year," the Giants quarterback told USA TODAY this week. "I don't know if that's the smart thing under the circumstances, but I expect him to be back next year.

"He's always been a fast healer. He wants to be out there. He's being aggressive in his rehab and looking to get back on the field as soon as possible. He looks into every possibility, every opportunity, to get back as soon as possible."

Back the truck up a minute: How does this help the Colts if Peyton returns in 2011?

If Colts fans aren't rooting for the team to lose, the prospect of grabbing Stanford's Andrew Luck with the top pick in April's draft at least grows rosier with every defeat. 

Peyton returning to catapult some mid-tier Colts team back into the playoffs? That would be one thing. 

Returning to knock the potentially 0-14 Colts out of the Luck derby -- when Peyton's own future is in question? A much tougher sell.

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