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Eli Manning rocks out at Better Than Ezra concert

You don't pass up the opportunity to write about Better Than Ezra on the official website of the National Football League.

For the uninitiated, Better Than Ezra is a New Orleans-based alternative rock trio that found commercial success in the 1990s with hits like "Good," "Desperately Wanting" and "King Of New Orleans." There's definitely a VHS tape at my parents' house that includes the video for "In The Blood," taken from a late-night Alternative Nation session.

There were very few date nights during this period of my existence.

This BTE connection makes me a man of a certain age. An age very close (within a year, actually) of Eli Manning, the New York Giants quarterback and legit Better Than Ezra fan.

How big an Ezralite is Eli? We direct you to the video below, taken last Saturday night at the House Of Blues in New Orleans.

Watch Eli awkwardly interact with the band. Watch Eli awkwardly sing lyrics to a beloved deep cut. Watch Eli awkwardly shuffle off the stage. Two Super Bowl MVPs, people.

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