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Eli Manning healthy, learning Giants playbook at OTAs

Eli Manning's recent offseason is proof that sometimes the body heals more quickly than the mind learns.

The New York Giants quarterback returned to OTAs just seven weeks after ankle surgery. Manning told reporters on Monday that, if the season opener took place today, he could play.

"Yeah, 100 percent, yeah," Manning said, per The Star-Ledger. "I don't think about it, I don't notice it. I go about practice and do everything and they're not even worried about it. It hasn't been an issue and there's no question I could play tomorrow."

While Manning was confident he could play, if he had to, it wouldn't be with a full playbook. The veteran admitted he doesn't have the Giants' new offense under Ben McAdoo down 100 percent just yet.

"Only seven practices, so no, we haven't gotten everything down. I'm not 100 percent on everything going on," Manning said. "There are still some learning curves and things I gotta digest and think through. But the more reps you get at, the more looks you get, the better you're getting."

Manning's admission speaks to why it was important for him to get back on the field for the early OTAs and next week's minicamp. We don't expect any offense to be fully installed in June, but getting early reps will allow for questions and tweaks to the new offense that will benefit the Giants later in the summer.

"Our defense is giving us a number of different looks, so each day I'm coming up with some new questions I have for Ben and our offense," Manning said. "We see things the same way, and we're making strides. I'm feeling more comfortable throughout the practice."

Getting Manning going early doesn't mean we think he's a shoo-in for a bounce-back season in the new offense, but it's a positive first step.

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