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Eli Manning, Giants wearing GPS during workouts

We're starting to believe the New York Giants have come to us from the future.

Justin Tuck's facemask is Exhibit A. Totally not from this age.

Exhibit B: An array of new technology popping up at the Giants' facility in East Rutherford, N.J.

Before last season, the team started using heart-rate monitors to assess which drills pushed players to maximum exertion, per the New York Times. Now they're strapping GPS devices on everyone from Eli Manning to Osi Umenyiora.

Employing GPS technology allows the Giants to track distances run by players during workouts.

"I'm looking into the future," Ronnie Barnes, the team's vice president for medical services, told The Times. "We've known we need to do this, and I feel like we've begun to pioneer a little bit with our players and within the league."

A recent practice revealed that Da'Rel Scott had run more than any Giants running back. Barnes filed this report to coach Tom Coughlin (who we're not certain even uses e-mail), and he pondered it. Every Giants back ran the same drills -- why is Scott exerting more energy? The information helps coaches tweak practice and monitor the health of the roster.

About 35 players wore the devices this offseason. No, they aren't being followed around town. It's simply a way to help the world champions maintain their edge.

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