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Eli Manning asks for playbook in 'SNL' preparation

We learned earlier this week that Eli Manning is "nervous" about his upcoming "Saturday Night Live" hosting stint. It appears the New York Giants quarterback will try to conquer nerves with preparation.

Best of the NFL on 'SNL'

In honor of Eli Manning's turn on "Saturday Night Live," we bring you the best moments from professional football players on the show.

Manning said he plans to watch tape of past professional athletes who have hosted the venerable late-night standard, and he already has requested from NBC a game plan that details what will be expected of him during the May 5 show.

"Before I made a decision to do this, I asked for a complete schedule of what's the most I could possibly do," Manning told The Associated Press on Thursday. "What is the most they have asked anyone to do? They sent that over, and I looked at it and saw I would not miss a workout or any meetings or team activities here. That is always what my first priority is, that I am here with the players and my teammates.

"And then afterward, I can get into the city and do my preparation there."

Asked to name his favorite cast member, Manning showed off his Ph.D. in The Derek Jeter School Of Professional Jock Speak.

"I don't want to be picking favorites right now," Manning said, neglecting to bow down to the great Bill Hader. "It's kind of like asking, 'Who is your favorite receiver?' You can get in trouble answering those questions. Whoever can write the funniest script will be my favorite afterward."

Oh, Eli. In football news, Manning confirmed that he conversed with his older brother during Peyton's free-agency tour, which ended in Denver.

"I talked to him definitely," he said. "We're brothers. I talked to him about some of the places, or coaches or things I knew about certain offenses and what not. We had several discussions with him. It's good for him to have someone to talk to and to bounce some ideas off to see if he is thinking correctly.

"I am just happy he will be in uniform next year."

And with that, we have our second opportunity this week to link out to Peyton's "SNL" "United Way" sketch from 2007. Good times.

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