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Eisen on Tebow coverage: 'This is not close to being over'

There are three types of people on our planet: Those waiting for Tim Tebow to stumble; those fueled by the idea of his next success; and those human beings who have never heard of the man.

Reaction to Tebow is volatile primarily because of his style of play, what he stands for, and the manner in which the Broncos quarterback has been seared into the collective consciousness in such a short span of time.

Some cannot fathom why coverage of the Broncos quarterback appears to drown out the likes of Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Michael Vick combined, but none of it surprises NFL Network's Rich Eisen.

"Oh, it's understandable, 100 percent," Eisen told "The Dan Patrick Show" this week. "It is not overkill. No way, no way. And it's going to get bigger, too. It's going to get bigger."

It sounds as though team executive John Elway is warming to the idea of Tebow, but Eisen -- making these comments on Thursday -- still sees drama ahead.

"There's the overarching story of John Elway, the king, the duke, the Teflon duke in that town, coming in as the savior of the franchise, to try and get things back on the same page. And the quarterback that he's handed is a guy who, I think, everybody deep down believes (Elway) does not believe is sustainable, but with each passing week, he gets that much more popular, he handcuffs Elway in the decision more.

"And it is a drama that is gonna play it out into February and March and April -- I mean, this is not close to being over with Tebow."

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