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Eight things we learned from Manning's presser

Peyton Manning gives great press conference. There isn't another NFL player that commands the room quite like him.

Manning always remains in control, like he is on the field. He only lets us know what he wants us to know. In Tuesday's introductory press conference, Manning and Broncos executive John Elway let us know plenty.

1. The Elway factor mattered

Manning felt the Broncos were the best "fit" of all the teams he spoke to. Elway was the first reason that Manning mentioned. Manning credited Elway's knowledge, experience, and competitiveness. Manning used the word "comfortable" to describe his dealings with Elway.

"I just really liked what he had to say," Manning said.

2. The AFC factor mattered, too

Manning repeatedly said how proud he was to play in the AFC. He also made it obvious he's not emotionally over leaving Indianapolis. By choosing an AFC team, Peyton avoided playing his brother before a possible Super Bowl. (In New Orleans.)

By choosing the Broncos over the Titans, Manning avoided playing the Colts twice a season.

3. Manning turns grown men into little kids

When Elway got the phone call that Manning chose Denver, the Broncos executive gave an exaggerated thumbs up to let the rest of the room know the good news.

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Elway didn't want to make too much noise because he was still on the phone and wanted to remain professional.

John Fox, meanwhile, starting jumping up and down. Just like most Broncos fans.

4. Confident in health

Manning said he felt like he could play in a game this weekend in a response to a question from's Albert Breer.

It sure sounds like Manning will be ready to get in a lot of offseason work.

5. Peyton Manning is not a GM

The future Hall of Famer repeatedly stressed that he wouldn't be the Broncos' offensive coordinator and he wouldn't be involved in personnel decisions.

With Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday and Joseph Addai all available, Manning admitted that he gave his opinion on them to the Broncos.

"I've never had a teammate that I had that I didn't want to play with the rest of my life," Manning said.

Mike Vanderjagt, anyone?

6. "This is a 'now' situation"

Manning downplayed the fact that his contract ultimately looks like a series of one-year deals. He says he plans to play a long time. Then again, Manning said

"This is a 'now' situation. We're trying to win now. We're trying to win right now and that's all I'm thinking about."

Manning feels the urgency of his age. After his lost 2011, he knows nothing is guaranteed. He picked the team he felt could best get him to another Lombardi Trpohy.

7. No backup plan

John Elway was asked about the team's "Plan B" at quarterback if the team trades Tim Tebow.

"Plan B? I don't have a Plan B. We're going with Plan A," Elway said.

Bill Polian, Curtis Painter, and every Colts fan would like to point out that Plan B's matter.

8. Tebow will not be the Plan B

"It's our goal to get (Tebow) in the best situation possible," Elway said.

Translation: Tebow is as good as gone. Elway said Tebow is the Bronco he'd most like his daughter to marry, but the reality is that the team doesn't have much use for him as a quarterback.

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