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Edgier Eli dominates 'G-Men: The Graphic Novel'

Giants fans won't soon forget the glories of Super Bowl XLVI, but if memories grow dim, take heart: Big Blue's feats are set in stone in the form of "G-Men: The Graphic Novel."

The brainchild of "Chris in Philly" (he chooses to work anonymously), "G-Men" offers a game-by-game account of New York's crowning, ripped straight from the pages of Eli Manning's personal journal.

"I got the idea originally because I wanted to do something for my kids," Chris told on Wednesday. "I have two little boys, and I wanted to make a comic book for them, so I started practicing on Giants pictures. And if nothing else, this team provides dramatic storylines."

Chris leaned heavily on Photoshop and drew inspiration from another popular graphic novel in creating "G-Men": "I do really like 'Watchmen' by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, and I most certainly borrowed a lot from it. The entire idea of Eli's journal is from there. I took the line about being 'locked in' with him directly from 'Watchmen.' The very shape and color of the text boxes are from 'Watchmen.' So, once I essentially made Eli the Rorschach character, that set the tone, and all I had to do was make it about yet another glorious run through the playoffs."

Granted, a few years back, keeping a diary would have been just another knock against Peyton's kid brother, but this Giants quarterback is another being altogether. He is Eli the Brave, blasting through obstacles without a care in the world.

As Manning strolls off Lambeau Field after beating the Packers in the NFC divisional playoff round, he tells us: "I can do this all year. Anytime. Anywhere. Just chill out. I got this."

After knocking off the 49ers in the NFC title game: "The people on the news said a storm was coming. Those people were right. It was us."

Manning's moxie grows as he contemplates facing Tom Brady, shrugging off the Patriots quarterback as "the guy with the hair, and the 'boots,' and the (Gisele-flavored) arm candy."

"We know how this ends," Manning says of New York's postseason voyage. "With a ride down the Canyon of Heroes."

Who is this new Eli? It's clear. He is Gotham's newest savior.

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