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Eddie Lacy ready to show off his Moss-like talents

The Green Bay Packers want Eddie Lacy to stick on the field more on third downs this season in order to keep up the offensive pace. For that to happen, the second-year running back will have to improve pass blocking and route running.

According to Aaron Rodgers, the back already has good hands and the 24-year-old is confident enough in them he's given himself a moniker -- albeit one unlikely to stick in Green Bay.

"Eddie has a self-appointed nickname of 'Moss,' as in Randy Moss," Rodgers told the team's official website. "He thinks he's got incredible hands. His hands actually are very good."

We should point out that for folks of a certain age yelling "Moss" when catching a pass over someone was often used growing up on the playground -- similar to how a mid-20s rec basketball player might yell "Kobe" while draining a fadeaway in an opponent's eye.

Still, "Eddie Moss" gives us an excuse to underscore just how much the Packers plan to utilize their bruising running back (and who doesn't like saying "Eddie Moss"?)

One big positive in Lacy's acclimation to the passing game will be an increased rapport with Rodgers, as the duo didn't see the field together for most of last season.

"We've never literally like sat down and talked about it, but I'm pretty sure we can both figure it out," Lacy said of he and Rodgers. "You put two and two together, and you have the opportunity to be pretty dangerous back there."

Through the start of training camp Lacy has seen increased action out of the backfield on screens, checkdowns and flat routes. We except him to increase well beyond his 35 catch number from last year.

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