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Ed Reed: Roger Goodell needs 'help at the fining process'

Normally, Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed complaining about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league office cracking down on players being fined too much wouldn't count as big news. But this is the Super Bowl, so here we go.

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Reed tore into the NFL again on Thursday, according to Comcast SportsNet Baltimore.

"If you're just somebody who is upstairs just wearing a suit who is just fining people and stuff like that for the wrong things; we're policing the wrong things," Reed said. "I really don't know what to say about our commissioner, honestly. It's probably more him and his staff that came up with the things that we're being fined for. It's not just Mr. Goodell. I think he needs more help at the fining process and not just have do-boys that want to please you.

"That was my first impression of it so I decided I would stay as far away as possible, just stay away from the principal."

Reed goes on to complain about being unfairly fined over his career.

"The way they have fined me has been ridiculous honestly. ... I think I topped the charts."

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