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Eagles WR Jackson wants to move forward after benching

The 2011 season has been marked by frustration for Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, both on the field with his team's disappointing record, and off with his contentious contract negotiations.

Those frustrations came to a head this past weekend when Jackson was benched for the Eagles' loss to the Arizona Cardinals after he missed a special teams meeting Saturday morning.

Jackson was back at the team facility Monday morning and met with reporters, indirectly addressing the root of his unhappiness.

"I think everybody knows the contract situation," Jackson said. "As a human being, there are things you have to go through in life, and I realize what it is. I'm just ready to continue and go forward. I'm not thinking about nothing else to happen. Whatever I did in the past, it's over and done. I'm just going to continue to handle my business like I need to do."

Jackson is in the final year of his rookie contract and has yet to sign an extension. A spokesman for Jackson said that the wideout missed the meeting because he overslept Saturday, but Jackson declined to explain what exactly happened.

"Don't matter what happened, I missed the meeting and my punishment was my punishment and I'm not going to sit here and ask any other questions or answer any other questions," Jackson said.

Jackson said he addressed his issues with his teammates, and he understands what he needs to do to put himself in the best possible position for his career.

"I just kind of explained to them the things that I've been going through," Jackson said. "Really me not being myself, just kind of being hard for me to come to work and be happy just cause of everything that happens. So I'll say I addressed it as a professional, as a man."

Jackson said he just wants to move forward, and that he and coach Andy Reid met to clear the air.

During his Monday news conference Reid said that Jackson remains a starting receiver.

"I've always had a good relationship with DeSean," he said. "I've done this with other players so we can't forget that part. I've done this two or three times with other players where I've sat them down, so it's just one of those things that happens. And I will tell you that, myself included, nobody is bigger than the football team and so, if you're wrong in a spot, then you have consequences, too. And that's how it works."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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