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Eagles QB Young available for all your second opinion needs

Vince Young (yes, the *real* Vince Young) was given a special assignment by the Philadelphia Eagles this week.

No, it wasn't preparing to start against the Giants. Don't be silly.

Instead, the Eagles asked Young to keep an eye on Michael Vick in practice this week to ensure the starter was truly recovered from the concussion he suffered against the Atlanta Falcons last week.

Young was told to report back to the training staff if he suspected Vick was suffering from any concussion-like symptoms.

Fox Sports insider and NFL Network contributor Jay Glazer reported Young's unique undercover gig on Sunday.

Here we were, thinking the battery of base line concussion tests administered by independent physicians was enough to deem Vick healthy. Apparently, the Iggles needed the additional expertise of VY, MD.

In any event, Young's reports must have been positive, as Vick started Sunday's divisional showdown against New York.

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