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Eagles' McCoy on 'Dream Team' burden: 'That got really old'

Unless Vince Young really feels like antagonizing his teammates, the Eagles won't have to answer to the dreaded "Dream Team" label anymore.

LeSean McCoy, like all Eagles, is thrilled about this reality. It might be the one positive of Philadelphia's season ending prematurely.

The All-Pro running back visited Thursday with NFL Network, where he acknowledged expectations -- including the "Dream Team" comment -- were a heavy burden the team dealt with all season.

"That really got old," he said during a sitdown with Around The League. "Each game got close, we might have lost, we barely won, and you hear, 'Oh, you're the Dream Team, how can this be possible?' So hearing it week in and week out was definitely annoying."

McCoy said Eagles coach Andy Reid warned the team about creating unnecessary expectations in the future.

"He tells us to show your personality, let it go, but have some respect and don't put a bigger bull's eye on us," McCoy said.

McCoy feels talk, and the expectations that can come from it, don't have to be a bad thing. He does take exception to situations like what's happened in New York, where anonymous Jets players ripped quarterback Mark Sanchez in a recent report.

"You said it, stand by it. Don't hide," McCoy said. "If you want to talk about the player, talk to his face. That's what I would do.

"We're tight enough on my team where if someone's not playing up to par, we can talk about it, what makes you feel more comfortable," he added. "Every team's different, I'm not sure how the Jets work, I'm just putting it in perspective if it was the Eagles."

McCoy said he'll definitely try to watch the postseason if he's around a TV, but he's an impartial viewer. Will he drop a fist pump if Osi Umenyiora -- the Giants' defensive end and noted McCoy verbal adversary -- messes up against the Packers on Sunday?

"Nah, no," McCoy said. "I only feel like that when I'm hitting him."

That's why they call him Shady.

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