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Eagles, McCoy have 'productive' contract talks

The Philadelphia Eagles have done a nice job this offseason re-signing key players and adding a few pieces to their talented team. The biggest remaining issue is LeSean McCoy's contract.

DeSean Jacksondoesn't believe McCoy should hold out for a new contract like Jackson did, and it doesn't look like it will be necessary. Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that McCoy's agent Drew Rosenhaus and the Eagleshave engaged in "productive" talks since the end of the season.

"No one is frustrated at this point," a source told McLane. "It's not like either side has stomped away upset. But there's a ways to go."

It's uncertain if McCoy will hold out of training camp if he doesn't have a new contract by then. Jackson believes staying away would be a mistake.

"I think it would be in his best interest to come" Jackson said. "Looking back now it really hurt me more than I thought it helped me. Hopefully he saw everything I went through, and hopefully Drew won't have him go through the same thing. . . . I just hope he doesn't take it there with the team because the Eagles are a team you don't want to try force anything with them or strong-arm them."

Rosenhaus learned the hard way about dealing with the Eagles during negotiations with Terrell Owens and Jackson. DeSean didn't get his money until he was back in the fold for a season. It sounds odd for Jackson to be giving contract negotiation advice, but his point is a strong one.  

McCoy should get paid this year, but skipping camp probably won't speed up the process. 

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