Eagles' Jason Peters, Redskins' Chris Baker ejected after melee

The rivalry between the Eagles and Redskins heated up in a big way Sunday.

During the fourth quarter of the Eagles' 37-34 win over the Redskins, a brawl erupted following an apparent interception by Washington. During the Breeland INT return (which was later overturned because the ball hit the ground), Chris Baker blindsided Nick Foles with a massive hit. Foles appeared to be hurt, and the Eagles came to his defense, as tackle Jason Peters went after Baker.

The tussle spilled onto the sideline, and took a while for officials to get under control. Eventually, both teams were directed to go to their respective benches, and Baker and Peters were both ejected. Baker for unnecessary roughness, and Peters for unsportsmanlike conduct.

After the game, Baker said he wasn't trying to be malicious.

"If I can prevent someone from making a tackle, I'm going to do what I can to help my team," he said.

Foles didn't miss a play and was fine following the long interruption in the action.

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