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Eagles DC Castillo: Team's struggles shouldn't fall on Reid

The pitchforks and torches might not be out for Eagles coach Andy Reid just yet, but the natives are getting restless in Philadelphia.

Reid has made the Eagles a model of consistency over the past decade, but the bitter disappointment that's come with this year's 3-6 outfit has some wondering if Reid has overstayed his welcome.

This is nonsense, if you ask Juan Castillo. The Eagles' defensive coordinator made it clear during his Thursday press conference that, for Reid, nothing comes before preparing his team, not even sleep.

"You talk about coach Reid -- let me tell you, that man works 20, 21 hours a day," said Castillo, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. "Sometimes 22 hours a day. That's what we're all doing now, to try to get this going."

Castillo's no dummy. He knows Reid stuck his neck out by promoting him to defensive coordinator this season, and you can make the case that no other Eagle has less job security than Castillo at this moment. In other words, kiss the ring.

As for Reid, the dude needs to start sleeping. This is basic human function stuff. If someone has to shoot him in the neck with a tranquilizer dart at midnight, so be it.

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