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Eagles DC Castillo refuses to acknowledge Mangini report

Everyone in Philadelphia is seeking an explanation for why the "Dream Team" is off to a 1-4 start, and this week, much of the blame has been directed toward Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo.

Castillo, who spent last year as the Eagles' offensive line coach, has struggled with his transition to the defensive side, and ESPN reported Wednesday that Eric Mangini turned down a defensive consultant's role with the team. The Eagles denied the report, but that didn't stop reporters from bringing up the subject during Castillo's Thursday news conference.

When asked about the Mangini report, Castillo said he "spent yesterday focused on stopping (the) Redskins' run. Coach (Andy) Reid hasn't talked to me about anything."

Castillo said he's oblivious to being the center of attention as he prepares for Sunday's game against the NFC East-leading Redskins.

"I have a TV where I watch the tape, but I'll go home tonight to see my kids, then I'll go to sleep so I can get back early in the morning, but I haven't been paying attention to the TV or the radio," Castillo told reporters. "... I'm focused on one thing, I have a responsibility to coach Reid, to Mr. Laurie, and to the city of Philadelphia."

While Castillo refused to address the notion of a defensive consultant, he didn't shy away from the team's issues on defense. Castillo said one of the biggest things his unit must fix is its performance in the red zone, where he believes the secondary gives up too many big plays.

Castillo hinted there could be a change made at safety this week as Jaiquawn Jarrett has spent time practicing with the first team in place of struggling Jarrad Page.

"I'm disappointed that we're 1-4," Castillo said. "Defense wins championships, and we need to help get wins. As a defense, you're supposed to win the game. ... That's what I am most disappointed about."

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