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Eagles, Cowboys among NFL's most desperate teams

Every week in the NFL is important. Some are just more important than others. Here are the NFL teams most desperate for a win in Week 10.

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett says his Cowboys aren't desperate. We beg to disagree.

The loser of Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles-Cowboys game will be 3-6. Not only would the loser have to run the table the rest of the season for a realistic chance at the playoffs, they would have to pass far too many teams on the way there. We can safely stick a fork in the loser of this game.

Here the six teams that most badly need a win in Week 10:

6. Miami Dolphins: It sounds like an odd choice, but bear with us. The Indianapolis Colts have already won to go to 6-3. The Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots are huge favorites. If the Dolphins want to be legitimate wild card contenders, they can't fall two games behind the competition. They can't lose to teams like the Titans at home. This is a test.

5. Detroit Lions: All of Detroit's good work getting back into the NFC playoff picture will be ruined if they fall in Minnesota. That would put Detroit at 0-3 in the division. It's hard to make the playoffs from last place.

4. New York Jets: Most Jets fans have given up on the season. Rex Ryan and Antonio Cromartie still see the Jets as a playoff team. For that to happen, they need to pull off an upset in Seattle, where the Seahawks are undefeated.

3. New Orleans Saints: Most of the Around the League crew is on board with the: "Saints are back!" storyline. We have our doubts.

2 + 1. Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys: There is a difference between these two. Philadelphia looks like one of the worst teams in the league, lucky to have three wins. Dallas legitimately looks like a talented squad that can't get out of its own way late in games. We haven't given up on them yet.

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