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Dwayne Bowe loses weight, hopes to regain old form

Break out the 2014 offseason trope monitor at least one more time: Dwayne Bowe is in phenomenal shape.

The Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, coming off a subpar season, told USA Today's Tom Pelissero on Monday he's lost 10 to 13 pounds (down to 212 pounds from a playing weight of 222 to 225 pounds) in an effort to be ready for the season.

"I made the initiative to be in better shape," Bowe said. "I'm getting older, and talking to the old vets, the only way you last longer is to be in better conditioning. I took that to the heart and am training extremely hard this year."

In 2013, Bowe caught just 57 balls for 673 yards and five touchdowns, a huge disappointment for a receiver of his pay grade. The 6-foot-2 receiver joined Larry Fitzgerald at his annual camp in Minnesota to work on his conditioning and route running (Bowe also joined Fitzgerald at his camp in 2010).

"I'm moving around, doing lot of motion (in the Chiefs' offense), so I want to be as fit and in as good a shape as possible," Bowe said. "I feel lighter, and it's definitely because of what I'm eating and how I'm treating my body. That's the main reason why I'm feeling so explosive."

Bowe looked a step slow last season, so any additional speed he can gain due to the weight loss will be beneficial.

The Chiefs did not add a true receiving threat opposite Bowe this offseason. Therefore, Andy Reid will rely heavily on the vet rounding back into his 2010 All-Pro self.

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