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Dungy believes Colts might draft Luck -- and trade him

If the Colts end up with the top pick in April's draft, Tony Dungy has a plan for his former team.

"I think they draft (Stanford quarterback) Andrew Luck and then I think they see how Peyton Manning is doing," Dungy told "The Dan Patrick Show" on Friday.

"If Peyton comes back in the fall ... and is healthy, and looks like he wants to play three or four more years, and has that velocity on the ball, and they get a clean report from the doctors -- then I think you think about trading Andrew Luck.

"You get that classic quarterback and then you deal from strength."

A strength that's in question for the Indianapolis Colts

The future of Peyton Manning is hazy, obscured by questions about his durability, age and place on a team that has very little to offer in his absence.

Would this franchise pass on Luck -- or trade him away -- for a few more seasons under Manning's direction?

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