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Drew Rosenhaus employee seeks $1M in arbitration

The most powerful and famous agent in the NFL is facing a challenge from within.

Yahoo! Sports reported Thursday that Rosenhaus Sports vice president Danny Martoe is seeking $1 million in "commissions and compensatory damages," according to a filing with the NFL Players Association.

Martoe has worked with Rosenhaus Sports since 2005, but he's currently suspended. The battle over Martoe's fee is interesting, but Yahoo! reports that other information contained within the filing could be damaging to Rosenhaus. There are potential conflict-of-interest questions related to a recommendation of a financial advisor that could violate NFLPA policies. (Yahoo explains the details better than we could here.)

Martoe also alleges that Rosenhaus Sports has financial problems. Employee salaries allegedly weren't paid for two months in 2010, and paychecks allegedly were one week late in 2011 because the firm was "on empty." Rosenhaus declined comment to Yahoo!, citing the confidentiality of the arbitration proceedings.

The news could be especially problematic for Rosenhaus if it mushrooms into a larger story. This Yahoo! report has been talked about a great deal by agents and reporters over the last 24 hours. Folks knew this story was coming for a while, and there is a wide expectation that it's only just the beginning of Yahoo!'s reporting. There are some wild rumors floating at what's coming next. It all feels like a game of telephone.

Of course, the rumor mill is filled with unbiased parties. Many agents have long-held grudges against Rosenhaus, and they are delighted at the prospect of the King being taken down.

I'm skeptical it will go down that road. Rosenhaus didn't get to where he is without being resourceful. But I'm also fascinated to see what happens next.

This story might not get national headlines, but those inside the football world are watching like it's the fourth quarter of a playoff game.

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