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Drew Brees: 'Surreal' offseason for New Orleans Saints

Let's face it: The prospect of Drew Brees actually leaving the New Orleans Saints was about as realistic as Roger Goodell and Jonathan Vilma catching a midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" together.

That said, it was obviously a great relief for both player and team when a deal was made official on Sunday.

"It's been a little surreal just because of the process throughout the offseason, and just how challenging an offseason it's been for everyone, obviously everyone within the Saints organization, this city," Brees said, via The Associated Press. "It's just been a crazy offseason and I think we're all just ready to get back to work and excited that it's all starting here in a week. It's hard to believe."

Despite his situation, Brees stayed plugged in with the team, having conversations with assistant coach Joe Vitt, who has stepped into Sean Payton's role during the head coach's year-long suspension.

"I talked to coach Vitt all the time. I talked to (backup quarterback) Chase (Daniel) quite a bit," Brees said. "For me, I certainly wanted to keep up on my team and my teammates and make sure everybody was doing OK. Guys were texting me all the time, so I was in constant communication with many guys on the team."

Brees can officially move forward. That's incredibly important for a Saints franchise trying to do the same thing.

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