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Draft fallout: Did the Saints get any help?

253 draft picks transformed the NFL in a matter of days. Around the League will examine the aftershocks by asking one post-draft burning question for all 32 teams.

Did the Saints get any help at all?

The Saints draft was really in free agency. The team filled major needs at guard (Ben Grubbs) and defensive tackle (Brodrick Bunkley.) They signed Curtis Lofton, David Hawthorne, and Chris Chamberlain at linebacker to prepare for Jonathan Vilma's suspension. Smart move.

The team made all those moves in part because they knew they didn't have a pick in the first two rounds of the 2012 draft. The Saints are one of the best teams at drafting and developing players. 

They take their team even with first round picks. The Saints often rarely play rookies, and set them up to succeed in years two and three. It's hard to imagine this group making much of an impact. 

Third round pick Akiem Nicks is a total wild card. He dominated in Canada after he wasn't allowed to play at LSU. No one knows if the kid can transition to the NFL; you could barely watch his grainy college film. Fourth round pick Nick Toon has great bloodlines , but is unlikely to play much at a deep position. 

Fifth-round safety Corey White from Samford may be in the best position to play right away. He certainly is confident.

"It's going to be fun picking off some balls from Drew Brees," he said. "It is going to be real fun."

We'd keep a closer eye on the 2011 Saints draft class. New Orleans needs more production out of first rounders Mark Ingram and Cameron Jordan. Third round cornerback Johnny Patrick will be asked to step up.

This is a veteran Saints team that can still make a Super Bowl push. Just don't expect the rookies to help much.

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