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Doug Marrone's tablet didn't work in Bills-Giants game

The NFL made a splash during Sunday's Hall of Fame game by allowing coaches to use sideline tablets to study images of pre-snap and in-game play.

The technological leap didn't come without its share of glitches.

"I was told mine was going to work, and mine didn't work," Bills coach Doug Marrone said after Buffalo's 17-13 preseason loss to the New York Giants, per The Associated Press. "They said they would get it right and there was miscommunication."

Marrone said his Microsoft Surface kicked into action during the second half and he "liked it a lot."

Teams -- and the NFL's more old-school coaches -- still have the option to study game play on printed-out images, but the tablets allow for immediate access to downloaded images.

The tablets don't allow players or coaches to surf the web or tweet in-game nonsense, meaning those of you breathlessly waiting for that Andy Dalton sideline selfie remain wholly out of luck.

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