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Donovan McNabb might fit with Arizona Cardinals

Donovan McNabb told NBC on Friday that there's an 80 to 90 percent chance he'll play in 2012, adding that he's looking at three teams specifically to join in camp.

On McNabb's wish list: "A solid running game, weapons on the outside, a defense that's been playing well and playing well together, and that's ready to win right now."

McNabb can't be choosy at this stage of his career. We'd guess that he's not going to get another chance, but let's play along, since it's a sweltering afternoon in late June and we have nothing else to do.

Our irresponsible best guesses for the three teams:

Arizona Cardinals. Brian McIntyre singled out the Cardinals when he covered McNabb's initial statement, and we couldn't agree more. But Arizona has had plenty of chances to sign McNabb before and the team has never been interested. This is a long shot.

Oakland Raiders. McNabb would fit in a Greg Knapp-led offense, and he might be a better option to back up Carson Palmer than Matt Leinart.

Green Bay Packers. He would fit in Mike McCarthy's offense and potentially be an upgrade from Graham Harrell.

That doesn't mean we think the Packers would seriously consider adding McNabb. He might be looking at three teams, but a few serious injuries will probably have to happen around the league before teams will look at him.

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