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Donald Driver makes 'Dancing with the Stars' finals

It's that time of year. People of all ages that have given up on life sit in front of the television to watch ABC's "Dancing With the Stars".

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Occasionally, they try to talk about it at the office. Men will often justify this behavior because "the dancers are hot" or their wife made them watch. Or there is an NFL player they like on the show. If you know any of these viewers, recognize their behavior as a cry for help.

Editors want recaps of the show because it gets page views. Hard to argue with that.

With that in mind, we'd like to point out that Packers wide receiver Donald Driver has reached the finals of this year's program. Who would have thought that a professional athlete could beat out aging former sitcom actors?

Driver will face off in the finals against William Levy and Katherine Jenkins. Those are actual names. "Dancing with the Stars" has run out of stars.

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