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Don't call it a comeback: Ochocinco makes return to Twitter

Great news, scholars of the universe: Chad Ochocinco is tweeting again.

The New England Patriots wide receiver ended his self-imposed 19-day Twitter ban Wednesday with a flurry of messages that just might send Tedy Bruschi into a blind rage.

"Ok I can finally tweet again, what have I missed the past 2 weeks besides that (expletive) pass n Buffalo?" Ochocinco tweeted. "Talk about bad timing, talk to me peeps?"

Ochocinco -- who was banned from Twitter because he lost a bet tied to "Madden NFL 12" (seriously) -- followed that with comments admonishing fantasy owners who left him for dead following his slow start in New England.

"I've just been informed by numerous followers that I wasn't traded I was dropped from their Fantasy Teams," he tweeted. "Bunch of impatient (expletive) people!!!"

Oddly, all fantasy-related tweets later were deleted from his account. That's Ochocinco: a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

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