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Dolphins safety Bell says Bills 'laid down' in blowout defeat

The Miami Dolphins have a big test ahead of them on Thanksgiving against the Dallas Cowboys, but safety Yeremiah Bell couldn't resist dabbling in a little bit of character assassination of a fallen rival first.

The Dolphins' defense imposed its will on the Buffalo Bills in a 35-8 thumping on Sunday, and Bell believes Miami's physical presence had Buffalo ready to go home long before the final whistle.

"In the first half, when we jumped on them, the way the game was going and the way they were playing, they laid down," Bell said Sunday, according to The Palm Beach Post. "We were putting a hat to them and flying all over the place.

"When we don't make mistakes, we execute, and everybody's in the right spot, we're a pretty good defense. We did that today, and I feel they laid down."

Those are fighting words. Beat up your opponent all you want, but question a team's desire? Bell's comments are sure to be met with a dissenting opinion in Buffalo.

Bell wasn't done.

"That's what we want to do," Bell went on. "If you want to pass on the Dolphins, then we want to give you something to think about going over that middle or catching that football."

That's a great attitude for a defense to have. It's a shame this type of thinking was installed after 0-7 and not before. Just an oversight, we suppose.

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