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Dolphins get box-office boost with Tebow starting for Broncos

Is Tim Tebow the miracle the Miami Dolphins need to cure their attendance woes?

Probably not, but ticket sales have spiked for Miami's Oct. 23 game against the Denver Broncos following the announcement Tebow -- a University of Florida icon -- will start for the visiting team.

On Tuesday, more than 2,000 tickets were sold on the secondary market through sites like, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported on Tuesday, citing a source. That equaled the previous six weeks of sales for the game.

The Dolphins had anticipated Tebow's visit even before he was named the Broncos' starter on Tuesday. Back in August, CEO Mike Dee announced the team's curious decision to host a reunion of the University of Florida 2009 national championship team during halftime of the Dolphins-Broncos tilt. This didn't sit well with many local fans who saw it as pandering to a visiting player while at the same time celebrating a Gators team on the home field of the rival Miami Hurricanes.

But these are desperate times for the Dolphins, who are struggling to create a buzz for their 1-3 team.

The Tebow-induced sales spike is a good start, but the Dolphins still need to sell approximately 30,000 tickets in 10 days to fill Sun Life Stadium to capacity for the game. They would need to sign LeBron James to pull that one off.

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