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Dolphins awoken by fire alarm in Buffalo-area hotel

For a shot at their first playoff berth in half a decade, the Miami Dolphins will need to beat the Buffalo Bills in bad weather -- and without much sleep.

Andrew Abramson of The Palm Beach Post reported that a fire alarm went off Sunday at approximately 3:30 a.m. ET inside the Dolphins' team hotel in downtown Buffalo.

The alarm "shut off pretty quickly, but it was loud enough to wake up -- and freak out -- the entire hotel," Abramson wrote. It also triggered a blaring fire truck to the scene as patrons evacuated their rooms. Not everyone panicked:

One immediate thought is that a rash of frisky Bills fans might have been involved, but there's zero proof of that.

As ProFootballTalk reported, it's the first known still-of-the-night fire alarm at a visiting team's hotel since both the Bills and New York Jets were awoken before playing the New England Patriots in 2009.

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