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Do you know your NFL history? Take this quiz and find out

Apparently some of you were not challenged by the "Rex Ryan or movie quotes" challenge, and props to you. Give yourself an internet high-five.

How about a new challenge?

Below there are 30 teams listed. Your challenge is to determine whether the team name is an NFL team or a professional football team from another league. Let me know if you go 30 for 30. (And we know people on the internet would not lie about such a thing.)

  1. Portsmouth Spartans
    1. Staten Island Stapletons
    2. Moline Tractors
    3. Akron Pros
    4. Decatur Staleys
    5. Hartford Blues
    6. Columbus Panhandles
    7. Birmingham Fire
    8. Hammond Pros
    9. Tampa Bay Bandits
    10. The Hawaiians
    11. Rock Island Independents
    12. Los Angeles Buccaneers
    13. Detroit Panthers
    14. Providence Steam Roller
    15. Toledo Maroons
    16. Muncie Flyers
    17. Detroit Heralds
    18. Cincinnati Celts
    19. Minneapolis Marines
    20. Pittsburgh Maulers
    21. Louisville Brecks
    22. Oorang Indians
    23. Buffalo All-Americans
    24. Miami Seahawks
    25. Los Angeles Cobras
    26. Newark Tornadoes
    27. Duluth Kelleys
    28. Evansville Crimson Giants
    29. Southern California Sun
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