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Do Dallas Cowboys fans like Tony Romo or Eli Manning?

Roster moves have screeched to a halt and practice fields have gone silent, but Amani Toomer has not.

On back-to-back days this week, Toomer took to the mic to praise Tony Romo's statistics and hoist up the Dallas Cowboys starter as the quarterback du jour in the NFC East. This is coming from a former New York Giants wideout who won a Super Bowl with Eli Manning.

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"I started doing my job," Toomer told WEPN-FM on Friday. "I started looking at the numbers. I started looking at the statistics. I started looking at the quarterback rating. And I was shocked. I was shocked at how good Tony Romo's statistics really were. This guy is really impressive."

Toomer isn't exactly a voice from the wilderness. People are awake to Romo as a statistically impressive passer, but is this what Cowboys fans care about?

You could walk the streets of Manhattan for weeks in search of a Giants supporter willing to swap Manning for Romo.

Cowboys fans, meanwhile, have witnessed little Eli evolve into a gritty big-stage producer. Everything they once had in Troy Aikman -- who, by the way, didn't dazzle statistically -- now plays in New York.

As Hanzus pointed out, Tooomer's comments don't help Romo. His Dallas teams have lacked the heart of New York's two Super Bowl efforts. These are franchise-wide issues for the Cowboys, eternally pinned on the quarterback. Romo's not the problem, his numbers are exceptional.

But only one number matters to most, and Manning leads that category -- with two.

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