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DirecTV to offer NFL Sunday Ticket streaming options

NFL fans who have wanted DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket but have been stymied by satellite restrictions are about to get a reprieve.

DirecTV announced on its website the introduction of, which allows subscribers to stream live, out-of-market games without requiring a dish. Fans can stream the contests on laptops, tablets, smartphones or using a gaming console.

Packages range from $199.99 for laptop, computer and phone services (with a student discount available) to $329.99 for the full package on all compatible devices and gaming consoles, including DirecTV's Red Zone Channel and new Fantasy Zone channel.

Of course, there are restrictions.

The service is only available to those who: 1) live in apartment buildings where DirecTV service is unavailable; 2) live in metro New York, Philadelphia or San Francisco; or 3) attend college at Michigan (Ann Arbor), Alabama, Washington, Texas (Austin), USC, Florida, Colorado (Boulder), Syracuse, Ohio State or Harvard.

While some residing outside those restricted areas will still bemoan having to pay for DirecTV in order to utilize Sunday Ticket, it's a game changer for those in urban areas unable to partake due to regulations.

Let's say you are a Packers fan living in an apartment in New York and have spent your years at bars either dealing with Giants/Jets fans every fall Sunday or paying for overpriced food/beverages at the local "Packers bar" to watch your team play.

At a rate of just about $20 a week -- less than you'd probably spend at a bar -- you could watch from your recliner on your laptop. Or split the cost with a friend and stream it every week at a buddy's apartment who owns an Xbox One.

The move for DirecTV admits two things: A) Americans are utilizing their mobile devices to stream more and more. And B) the demand for NFL games is overwhelming.

The first Sunday the service is available is September 7. 

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