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Diehard Titans fan lowers bar in predictive tattoo game

Listen. I promised you I would never again write about an NFL fan getting a dumb predictive tattoo.

But we have an extenuating circumstance here that demands our attention -- and an exemption. In the past, dumb predictive tattoos always pre-dated a presumed Super Bowl conquest for the individual's favorite team. This seemed like the only direction to take such body art -- "Go big or go home!" as it were -- so that's the only thing we ever saw. Examples: This guy and this guy and this guy.

One thing nobody ever thought: "What if I protected myself by lowering the bar?"

The man's plea for no criticism has attacked my conscience in a way that leaves me docile and empathetic here. I will say that the last two AFC South winners went 9-7. The 2010 Seahawks won the NFC West at 7-9. That said, if the Jets ever beat out the Patriots in the AFC East, I might shave my head and get one of those scalp tats. I digress.

"When the season is over you will see why. Titan up," Firkins said of the tattoo, according to CBS Houston. "I've done got run down the road over this."

Poor guy. This is strange, but this kind of makes me want to root for the Titans in 2017. It's the inverse of every feeling I've ever had after writing similar articles in the past. Guess I'm Team Firkins 'til I die.

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