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Diehard fan goes permanent route in support of '11 Texans

Call us square, but we're of the belief you never get a tattoo that also acts as a prediction.

We base this mostly on the whole "The Risk Level Is Immense, You Reckless Fool" thing, but that didn't bother Chris Brown, a Midland, Texas resident who's showcasing his faith in the 2011 Houston Texans in a very permanent way.

Brown recently tattooed his left arm with a Texans logo and an inscription that reads: "Super Bowl XLVI Champions."

So confident is Brown, he had shadowing added behind the Roman numerals so he wouldn't be able to change it.

What was Brown's motivation for going all in on a franchise that hasn't even qualified for the playoffs in its 10-year existence?

"Danieal Manning -- he's my favorite Texans player," he told the Houston Chronicle (via Deadspin). "He inspired me to get the tattoo. I read where he said, 'You can't go to the Super Bowl if you don't think Super Bowl.' "

(Deep sigh, followed by 90 seconds of stunned silence.)

Believe it or not, this is only the second-worst tattoo we've ever seen on the Internet. The gold medal winner still belongs to this clean-living fellow who really loves him some late-period Counting Crows.

Mr. Jones and me ... we're gonna get extensive laser treatment.

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