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Diehard draft fans line up outside Radio City

NEW YORK -- It's not pleasant in Manhattan tonight.

It's gray and ugly as a steady mist comes down in the hours leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft. As the man squeegeeing the red carpet can attest, Mother Nature cares not for premium football events.

The weather hasn't stopped NFL diehards from lining up outside. For these guys, the wait (rain or shine) is half the fun.

"We come here for the love of the NFL," said Mike Giordano, a 22-year-old Packers fan from Oxford, Conn. "Look at all the people, look at all the fans. It's electric."

The fans -- who got here at noon to be first in line -- then begin cheering wildy. They're not lying when they say they love the NFL.

Giordano tells me the outside wait is his favorite part. When I ask him why, he says, "Watch this."

At that very moment, two men in Cowboys jerseys are approaching the barricade. The group breaks into an extended "You suck!" chant that is an odd mix of joy and venom. They've been doing this kind of stuff for five hours. The Cowboys fans are good sports about it.

Said Giordano: "Where can you honestly find fans better than this?"

The city of Dallas can probably name a few.

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