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Did you help Ochocinco find a player piano on Twitter?

We could start an entire Around The League subgenre dedicated to examining Chad Ochocinco's tweets, but we usually hold off after remembering things like, "Wait, didn't he play one snap against the Broncos last week?"

But a message the Patriots receiver posted Thursday was too magnificently random to ignore.

Tweeted Ochocinco: "#NeedHelp At 5 pm whoever finds n twit pics the best 'Player Piano,' that person will win 5k It might not be much but I saved that on gas."

For the uninitiated, a player piano is the type of piano that can play by itself. You might have seen this at your local haunted mansion or perhaps know it by its more popular title, The Creepiest Instrument Ever Devised By Man.

Since the Internet is a strange and wondrous place, Ochocinco was bombarded with pictures of pianos of all shapes, colors and styles. It's oddly fascinating clicking through the pictures, proving once again that Ochocinco is the Godfather of social media.

The polls were closed after 6 p.m. ET. We're still awaiting word of the winner, so just take a deep breath and stay tuned.

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