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Dez Bryant will win 2013 NFL MVP, Michael Irvin says

With all due respect to Calvin Johnson, we found Dez Bryant to be the most impressive wide receiver in football last season.

Newfound maturity did wonders for the Dallas Cowboys star, who was borderline uncoverable during the season's final two months.

Bryant enters a new season with new expectations. NFL Network's Michael Irvin -- who carries the torch as the Cowboys' greatest No. 88 (for the time being, anyway) -- said Wednesday on "NFL GameDay Season Preview" that Bryant will take the league's Most Valuable Player honors in 2013.

"I'm telling you, man you gotta see this dude now, this dude understands football," Irvin said with his usual flair. "I gotta say it, I never thought he had the capability of understanding the game the way he understands it."

Perhaps Irvin will be right, though his fellow NFL Network panelists were looking at him like he had a mini-Dez Bryant growing out of his forehead. For the record, no wide receiver has ever won MVP. When a wideout has an outrageous season, it's usually the man throwing him the ball who receives the NFL's highest individual honor (see: Tom Brady, Randy Moss, 2007).

Then again, it's not impossible. After all, a kicker (Mark Moseley, 1982) won MVP once, though we're almost certain that was the result of a drunken dare.

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