Dez Bryant advisor: Cowboys receiver '100 percent' behind rules

Dez Bryant approached his advisor about setting up the rules and restrictions that have been put in effect for the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, David Wells said during a radio interview.

Wells, a former private investigator and bail bondsman who serves as Bryant's advisor, said the third-year pro is "100 percent" behind the so-called "Dez Rules."

"Dez came to light, himself, based on a couple of instances that happened with other NFL players," Wells told the "Ben and Skin Show" on Tuesday, via The Dallas Morning News. "He realized that he wanted to make some changes himself. He wanted to put some people around him that could also be there in case something happened, they'd be able to attest to what's going on with him.

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"He, first of all, said that he wanted to make sure that his safety was good. A lot of times, athletes are vulnerable to things that go on out there in society. He wanted to make sure that people understand that he's a God-fearing man, he loves his kids. But he also wanted to make sure to the Dallas Cowboys' fans that he's going to do everything he can do to make sure he's out there every day, not only practicing as hard as he can but also on game day, producing the product the Dallas Cowboys want.

"That's what Dez is about. He's had a phenomenal, phenomenal offseason, and he wants to continue that. We had some bumps in the road, and he just wants to get past anything that's negative. He wants people to say, 'That's the Dez Bryant we knew.' He came to me and said, 'Hey, man, can you help me? I want help. Could we get a group of people that can sit there and advise on what to do with my life? I picture myself to be not only a great football player but a great role model and a father.' Those are the things he wants to do."

The Cowboys recently implemented a set of guidelines that reportedly include a curfew and bans on alcohol and strip clubs. Bryant was arrested on a domestic violence charge in July stemming from an incident involving his mother.

Wells said during the interview that Bryant soon would release a statement clarifying his restrictions.

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