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Dexter McCluster chastised by elderly Chiefs fan

It's safe to say Kansas City Chiefs fans are reaching critical stages of frustration with their 1-9 team.

Remember, these are the same fans who dressed in black by the thousands for a recent home blowout. Then there was the guy whose obituary listed heartbreak caused by the Chiefs' struggles as a contributing cause of death.

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Now we learn of an elderly woman, identified only as Ms. Louise, who recently gave Dexter McCluster a talking-to. The wide receiver delivered Thanksgiving dinner to the woman as part of an annual charity endeavor by the Chiefs.

"Y'all better start winning some games," Ms. Louise said, according to (via Deadspin). "I've been praying, but y'all got to work a little bit harder."

McCluster didn't take offense, telling The Associated Press: "She put me in my place. But she's a sweet lady. She meant well."

Like many people her age, Ms. Louise waved bye-bye to her filter a long time ago. That doesn't mean she's wrong.

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