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Devin Hester thinks kickoff returns will be limited

We've heard a lot about the "Devin package" this offseason. The Chicago Bears have talked upDevin Hester's role in the offense repeatedly, just like they do every offseason.

The plan is to create special plays for Hester on offense and let him defend his league-leading punt return average. It sounds like Hester will not be involved on kickoffs much.

"I think every now and then, I'm going to do kickoffs," said Hester, according to a Tuesday report from the Chicago Tribune. "It will depend on how the game is going."

The Bears already have talked up free-agent addition Eric Weems as the man to replace Hester on returns. They also signed Devin Thomas, as they prepared to move Hester off kickoffs, something he hasn't been that effective doing in recent years anyway.

The news brings up a familiar debate in Chicago: Should the Bears "waste" Hester's energy on offense when he could save it for returns?

He isn't ranked so high on the "Top-100: Players of 2012" because of his wideout skills.

Based on the reduction in Hester's kickoff duties, this isn't a debate that is likely to end anytime soon.

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