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Detroit media wrong to cry foul after Greg Schiano call

Here's a story about the dangers of Twitter.

Earlier Wednesday, some Detroit media members tweeted that Greg Schiano had hung up on them during a conference call ahead of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Week 12 matchup against the Lions.

The insinuation was clear: Schiano, unhappy with the line of questioning, made the conference call disappear with the touch of a button. The narrative fit neatly with Schiano's salty reputation.

In truth, social media and reality were on opposing sides here. A Bucs official contacted Around The League and provided audio of the conference call, which paints a very different picture than what had been described by members of the Detroit media contingent.

Schiano gave a full response on the subject of MRSA, then ended the call by saying, "Guys I appreciate it, I'll see you on Sunday." Minutes earlier, reporters had been made aware Schiano only had time for a "couple more" questions. The call lasted about six minutes, typical for Schiano availability of this nature.

"There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with regards to coach Schiano's conference call with the Detroit media this afternoon," said Nelson Luis, the Bucs' director of communications. "Coach Schiano answered every question in a thoughtful and insightful manner as he always does."

Schiano has done things during his time with the Bucs that have been worthy of criticism. This isn't one of them.

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