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Detroit Lions fan petitions for fans to make draft picks

Admit it, at one point or another you've looked at a list of your favorite team's draft busts and thought to yourself: 'I'm pretty sure I could do a better job.'

One Detroit Lions fan is trying to make that a reality -- regardless of how flippant his efforts might be.

Chris Pruett, known as "Lionsguy", told he started a petition that would allow fans to vote live online during the draft to decide who the Lions will draft.

"I've got 12 sheets of signatures filled up," Pruett said. "I started this three years ago, but I only started having people sign it this year."

Pruett has gone so far to construct what he calls the "Detroit Lions offseason mobile mental health clinic for forlorn fans" -- picture Lucy's psychiatry booth from the Peanuts comic --  to collect the signatures.

Of course a Lions fan would try to take the draft out of management's hands.

The much-loathed Matt Millen drove Detroit fans bonkers when the general manager drafted what seemed like 450 wide receivers in eight years. Martin Mayhew stepped in and had a decent first draft in 2009, but the Titus Young debacle and drafting the entire Oklahoma Sooners squad in 2012 have brought the squeamishness back to the Mitten State.

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So who would Pruett select if he were given power over the Lions 2013 draft?

"I don't know; I'm not a big ol' expert," he said. "I know a lot of stuff like that, but I'm here to connect with the fans, make the fans happy, give the Lions fans a little cheer. I know this petition joke will never happen."

It's just a joke, but another mediocre draft followed by a bad season and Mayhew might be signing that petition himself.

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