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DeSean Jackson supports Michael Vick's dynasty talk

Michael Vick made headlines last month when he said that the Philadelphia Eagleshad the potential to become a dynasty. Considering the "Dream Team" is coming off an 8-8 season, that was a bold statement, but Vick has support within the locker room.

During an appearance on Thursday's edition of "NFL AM," wide receiver DeSean Jackson said he supported his quarterback's statements.

"I'm going to back my quarterback up at any given time," Jackson said. "I feel the team we have here, we have a very explosive team, with the offense and the couple additions to the defense this year."

The 2011 Eagles scored a lot of points and the offense should light up scoreboards again, provided Vick stays healthy.

The issue was the defense, which struggled early under Juan Castillo before getting its act somewhat together late in the season. The trade of Asante Samuel allowing cornerbacks Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to have clearly defined roles on the outside, which might also help the secondary.

Jackson added that facing those cornerbacks each day in practice will help the receivers, and vice versa.

"On this field right here with the cornerbacks we have with DRC, Nnamdi, me and Mac (Jeremy Maclin), I think we get out there and we're competing on a high level. It's good for them to get out there, so once the season starts their really not going against to0 many receivers as fast as us. And us, we're not really going against to many corners that's as good as them. I think if we practice hard here in the game times it will be easy for us."

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