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Denver Broncos to support Colorado with helmet decal

It's been a difficult year for Colorado, which has been affected by the senseless violence of the Aurora movie theater shooting and the devastation of multiple wildfires.

To honor the victims of the tragedies and show their support for the state, the Denver Broncos will wear a helmet decal this season, according to the team's official website.

The decal -- located above the player number on the back of helmets -- features a ribbon around the insignia of the state flag.

In a blog entry on the Broncos' website, linebacker Von Millerwrote of playing with the struggles of the Denver area in mind.

"We had a lot of stuff happen around Denver in the last year and we just want to bring some happiness and joy -- and hopefully some wins -- back to Colorado this season."

The decal will be unveiled Sunday night when the Broncos host the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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