Denver Broncos remain optimistic about their offense

Despite Sunday's win, questions continue to surround the Broncos' offense. Peyton Manning and company struggled to move the ball in their 19-13 win over the Ravens. Denver's offense waned down the stretch last season and carried over into the preseason. On Sunday it was more of the same.

Yet the players in Denver's locker room are optimistic when it comes to the offensive side of the football.

"We will score touchdowns, just didn't happen yesterday. We score 3 touchdowns this next game, this whole issue is gone. It's not even a concern," Broncos offensive lineman Ryan Harris told NFL Media's James Palmer.

People playing Monday morning quarterback are quick to rush to judgement after Week 1, but Harris admits that the offense needs to get better.

"We want to be counted on not only from the offense, but from this whole team to help win games," Harris said. "Yesterday we fought hard. Fought hard for a tough win. I know people want touchdowns, but they'll come. Just like yesterday, the Ravens didn't score either. It was just a tough game against a tough team."

The questions surrounding the Broncos are legitimate. Father Time is creeping up on Manning and the offensive struggles date back to 2014. But to Denver's credit they're learning a new system under Gary Kubiak and sometimes it takes a while for things to mesh together.

"It's going to evolve as we go along. We are going to figure out who we are and what we do best," tight end Owen Daniels explained to Palmer. "We have so much stuff in right now. We want defenses to have to prepare for a lot of this stuff. All the personnel groupings, the formations, guys lined up everywhere, as time goes along that stuff is going to benefit us for sure."

The Broncos' locker room is right. It's too early to hit the panic button on the offense. Let's all wait to see how Denver looks come mid-season. We can, however, look at the numbers and say that the Broncos' offense has been struggling of late.

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